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Read the author's truly amazing Divine Mercy miracle story. A total of 12 stories that show how God's Divine Mercy reveals itself in our every day lives.  Filled with quotes from St. Faustina's diary, many of the stories have been published by the Marian Fathers at www.marian.org.


Are Weeping Statues a Sign of the End times?

Read our latest chapter about Sr. Agnes of Akita and her warning from an angel on October 6th, 2019


Was her recent message of "put on ashes" related to the Vatican and scandal that came out of the Amazon synod?


Was a weeping icon in Chicago just weeks before a warning of what was to occur in October?  Is God's mercy now turning to His justice?

On October 8, 2019 the mass reading was from the book of Jonah 3: 1-10.  The prophet was sent to warn the city of Nineveh that it was about to be destroyed by God. 


The King and people repented by putting on sackcloth and ashes, they and all their animals fasted and did penance.  They appeased the wrath of God and He withheld the destruction of the city.


Are we not getting the same warning as the prophet Jonah that are world in is need of prayer, reparation and repentance?

'Weeping Statues: A Sign of the End Times",  Mark Endres reminds us of what was prophesied 40 some years ago is unfolding right before our very eyes!  He also shows us that our Blessed Mother always points us to Her Merciful Son , Jesus Christ Divine Mercy Himself.  This brings me great hope."


     ------- Joe Ott "Cause of Our Joy" Catholic  Radio  

Divine Mercy Miracle Story Found in Our Book - Relevant Radio Morning Air!

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12 Chapters Including:

"Our Divine Mercy Miracle"

"Divine Mercy - Grace by Fire"

"Hugh Hefner - The Greater Sinner?"

"Falling over backwards for Divine   Mercy"

"Even in the curves, God's road is   straight"

"More than a hill of beans"

"Jesus, Uber and me"

"Weaping statues.  A sign of the end   times?"




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