"I read your eBook - it was wonderful!" - Donna R. 
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Relevant Radio - Good Morning Air - Divine Mercy Miracle Interview with Mark Endres





Kate and Mike Catholic Crusade - Purchase Divine Mercy Diary.

"I highly recommend 8 Short Stories of Divine Mercy.  These stories will enliven your faith for it is through God's merciful love that our hearts are healed and when our hearts are healed we are restored in His Image and Likeness- ushering in God's restoration of earth to Heaven as Revelation 21:1-6 proclaims!  God desires to speak to YOU as He did Mark. 


Mark's beautiful moments with God are for everyone.  He desires to be intimate with each one of us if we just come to Him in prayer He promises He will "let you" find Him and He will indeed reveal Himself to YOU as He did Mark when you draw near to Him in intimate prayerful relationship! :)"  (Jer 29:11-14) - Donna 

***** - 5 Star Amazon Rating

Contact - markjendres@gmail.com

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