"I read the book - It was wonderful!" - Donna Reynolds









Stories Include

* Touched by an Angel?

* Divine Mercy Grace In The Fire

* Hugh Hefner - The Greater Sinner?

* Divine Mercy Appears on A Crucifix


"What a wonderful set of stories that highlight, throughout our 'normal' daily tasks and thoughts, how present God really is when you keep Him at the front of your conscience. How God does speak to us if we are open to listening for Him.


Katherine Haneel  ***** - Amazon Review

Grateful for the reminder - I say the chaplet every day, you made it come alive and more personal with every day people in our time. - Mary ***** - Amazon Review

"I read the ebook.  It was wonderful!" - Donna Reynolds  

"Wow! How wonderful this is!" - Sonia 

"OH WOW! How powerful! In this world of bad news." Anonymous

"I read your book - Amen!" - Fitchburg, MA

Listen to author describe a Divine Mercy miracle on Catholic Relevant Radio.

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