Catholic's in India pray to St. Corona for intercession

God's natural antidote (nitric oxide) explain by Dr.'s from India?

Will now be sold in pharmacies in Israel and New Zealand

"Saint Corona - Crowned in God's Mercy"

"Race Car Driver Saved By Pardon Crucifix"

"Divine Mercy of Jesus Survives A Fire"

"Hugh Hefner - Saved By Divine Mercy?"

"Touched by an Angel?"

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“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]


Saint Corona lived in the second century and was martyred during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the year 165 A.D. in Damascus. She has been a patroness of victims of epidemics in Austria, Germany and Bavaria for several hundred years.   


See her listed in the parish history at the St. Corona parish in Bavaria.  The parish first began in 1504 AD.  The early founders of the church prayed for her intercession to save them from "epidemics."  St. Corona had a vision of a "crown" descending on her head.  Isn't it interesting the corona virus also means "crown."  A heavenly antidote by the same name?

Many Catholics in India also pray to Saint Corona for her intercession against the Covid  - 19 pandemic.

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"What a wonderful set of stories that highlight, throughout our 'normal' daily tasks and thoughts, how present God really is when you keep Him at the front of your conscience. How God does speak to us if we are open to listening for Him.


I learned a bunch about the history of the Divine Mercy, the diary writings of St. Faustina, and how Jesus wanted the world to know his Father's greatest attribute is MERCY, and that we should be praying for others to come to know this. I'm looking forward to learning about and reading these diaries and the messages St. Faustina recorded. The author, Mark Endres, demonstrates how even seemingly small efforts on the part of each one of us, can save souls for His glory." - Katherine Haneel  ***** - Amazon Review

Grateful for the reminder - I say the chaplet every day, you made it come alive and more personal with every day people in our time. - Mary ***** - Amazon Review

"I read the ebook.  It was wonderful!" - Donna Reynolds  

"Wow! How wonderful this is!" - Sonia 

"OH WOW! How powerful! In this world of bad news, it is so wonderful to hear stories like this. It keeps me going when I feel down. I keep praying for Jesus and His Holy Mother to give me a faith that burns with love, and to be a spreader of His mercy. Thank you." - Anonymous.

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I'm sure it will inspire others to trust in faith that God will provide. I needed to read your story myself right now. I trust that many others who need to "hear" this message also will be drawn to read it. That's how the Holy Spirit works!" - Lois

"I highly recommend 8 Short Stories of Divine Mercy.  These stories will enliven your faith for it is through God's merciful love that our hearts are healed and when our hearts are healed we are restored in His Image and Likeness- ushering in God's restoration of earth to Heaven as Revelation 21:1-6 proclaims!  God desires to speak to YOU as He did Mark. 


Mark's beautiful moments with God are for everyone.  He desires to be intimate with each one of us if we just come to Him in prayer He promises He will "let you" find Him and He will indeed reveal Himself to YOU as He did Mark when you draw near to Him in intimate prayerful relationship! :)"  (Jer 29:11-14) - Donna 

"Kindly note that I just bought your book as a gift for mum and sister!" - Charyl - Island of Malta

"I loved the stories!  It makes you realize that  the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is there for all to take part. Prayers are answered in such ordinary circumstances if you just open you heart and listen and see.  I would give this 5 stars!" - Dorothea M.

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Mark the author of the book on Catholic Relevant Radio - Divine Mercy Miracle Segment!




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[Proverbs 19:17]

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